Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sore Loser

Is it just me, or is this guy a sore loser? Let me give you the set up.

Poker Superstars III, Quarterfinals – Gus Hansen; Mike Matusow; Todd Brunson; Jeff Shulman.

Mike Matusow known as “The Mouth” verbally harasses Gus Hansen through out the match. Gus does not respond, but, is the first eliminated. Jeff follows shortly, and it’s head ups between Todd and Mike. Todd wins so gets the ticket to the semi-finals. During Mike’s exit interview when questioned about his abuse of Gus, says “no, I was just messing, Gus is a great player”.

The following week Mike, Gus, & Jeff are playing for the final spot in the semi-finals. Mike is the chip leader coming into the match. Gus takes it over quickly and ends up winning.

Watch the final hand and Mike being such a spoil sport where he walks away from the table when he loses rather than congratulating the winner. What’s even worse is he whines about the way Gus plays during his interview.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Sheesh - just when I'm hitting my stride on this site (can't lose if I try); all of a sudden I can't get into it anymore. Every time I try to launch it, it says "The connection to the lobby server was lost". I can find no reason for this error. I even tried shutting down my firewall to see if that was blocking it - it wasn't.

This evening I tried a couple of other poker sites and I just don't like them as much. I tried something called Bospoker (or something like that). It seemed almost childish compared to WPTonline. Yahoo Poker was a joke - different league entirely.

WPTonline - where art thou?

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hosts are not responsible..

Back in January I addressed this hot topic issue.

Am I surprised that yesterday the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that 'hosts' are not responsible for their guests once they leave the residence (except for extreme cases)? Not really! I'm glad to see this ruling - any other ruling would have put too much of an onus on family/friends/acquaintances of the drunks out there. Imagine if I had a party and someone had a few drinks - left my place, went elsewhere for a few drinks, then got in an accident. Where would the level of blame end? With this ruling the responsibility correctly lies with the drunk driver.

Now, if only we could get tougher sentencings for the drunks! In this particular case the gentleman in question had been charged twice before, for drinking & driving. Why the hell was he still out on the street? I'd like to see these people locked away for good.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Over-zealous salespeople - part III

Another rant about overzealous salespeople ( a follow-up to this and this ).

As I mentioned previously, I have a real beef about walking into a retail store and being inundated by salespeople pestering me, when all I want to do is walk around and browse. I went into Staples today to have a look around. I love Staples almost as much as I love hardware stores. I generally go in thinking there is one thing I need, but, as I wander around I generally discover something else I need and didn't even realize it till I see it. But, I only discover this if left to my own devices rather than them trying to hurry me along and direct me to the right aisle. I was there no more than 20 minutes, yet I was asked by 4 different salespeople if they could help me. Granted, the Staples I visited has 3 floors, therefore, as I wandered from floor to floor they couldn't have known I had been asked previously. And, on the 3rd floor where I was asked twice if I required assistance - one guy was on a ladder, so that is almost like a 4th floor. In hindsight I should have accepted the offer of assistance from the ladder dude - made him come down from there and show me where the pencils are.

After Staples I headed into Coles Bookstore. I had just placed a book back on the shelf when I heard that dreaded "may I help you find something"? Now, in this particular case there were several other shoppers around yet he asked me. I didn't hear him ask anyone else. So, this got me to thinking, "what do I put out there that they think I need assistance so badly"? I feel I'm walking around confidently, but, they are obviously seeing this:

I don't recall ever putting my hand on my head and looking confused & dejected while shopping, but, perhaps I'm on auto-pilot and don't realize.

So my new mission is to change the attitude and see if anything changes. Next time I'm going to try to project frantic:

I am hoping they'll be too scared to approach. This will be a one week experiment and if that doesn't work I'll try something else. Not sure what the something else will be yet.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sign & Donate

I’m trying to find out who started this whole “sign this card and donate towards a gift” for someone in the workplace. The card/gift could be for an up coming wedding, a baby, a birthday, a retirement, a new home – yada yada yada. Who the hell started this insanity?

I work in a large office and it seems like this is a monthly affair now. I have never in my life purchased a card and got the ball rolling for something like this in the workplace. Am I close enough to the people to be invited to the wedding? Thankfully, no! I find it difficult enough feeling obligated to attend family functions (with the exception of immediate family).

If someone in the office is close to a particular peer and wishes to give them a gift – then just do it! Don’t get a community card and send it around for everyone to sign. I especially detest the cards for when someone is leaving the company. They’re obviously going to something better with more money – why should we be giving them a gift? If it’s the thought that counts shouldn’t my best wishes be enough? Putting your money where your mouth is doesn’t hold water for me in this case.

Whoever started this insanity needs to be………..

Finally! How to Find or Keep Your Soulmate/Lifemate

You just never know what you'll find when you open your email. Today I received this gem from The Learning Annex:

How to Find or Keep Your Soulmate/Lifemate

Love doesn't have to be hit or miss. Having true love is not only possible, it is your destiny! Soulmate relationships have a powerful "mirroring" effect. Not only is it possible to meet your soulmate, but you have multiple soulmates and can meet and have relationships with more than one during this lifetime.

Bestselling author Jeanne Marie Martin has been seeing her past lives since she was a little girl and has met 42 soulmates in this lifetime alone. She has a wealth of fascinating information that can help you to understand your own lives and love relationships, both past and present.

She'll reveal:

  • How to meet a soulmate, or attract and create a significant relationship that will assist healing your past karma and help you to fulfill your dharma (life purpose).
  • Various techniques for seeing and recognizing past lives and loves, and clearing past karma that interferes with love.

  • Ways to open up love connections that will enrich your life.

Plus, you'll learn about: The Energy of Relationships – how you can create, enhance and protect a long, loving Lifemate Relationship.

She makes it sound pretty simple. For a mere $49.95 you'll finally find your true love - or many loves. All those dating services will be freaking when they find out they may be soon out of business. Perhaps I'll forward this on to the people from here.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Rest in peace, Luna

aww, this is too sad. Poor Luna, the killer whale died today in an accident.

Yahoo! news reports

GOLD RIVER (CP) - It appears Luna the orphaned killer whale has died after being struck by a tugboat on the west coast of Vancouver IslandThe federal fisheries department says the boat was idling to escape rough weather in Nootka Sound when it collided with the whale.

A department official says it was an accident and the boat's skipper is distressed over the incident.

Luna arrived in the sound in 2001 after becoming separated from his pod.

Although the whale was friendly, he became a nuisance to marine traffic in the area and an attempt was made in 2004 to reunite him with his pod in Juan de Fuca Strait.

But that effort was abandoned after he was lured away by First Nations canoes.

The First Nations thought Luna was the re-incarnated soul of their chief, and believed nature should be allowed to take it’s course. Sheesh! Unfortunately, Luna has now joined the chief.

The Dating Game

The Toronto Star has started their 2006 Relationship Challenge.

I think this is the first one they've had so I'm looking forward to following it. They selected 11 men and 9 women out of 500 applicants. The goal is to find romance in the next 4 - 6 months. The Toronto Star is picking up the tab for the various dating services.

Dating - grrrr. Was it always this difficult? I guess there are more single people these days due to the disposability of relationships. People give up too quickly. Having a rough time? Leave! It's so unlike the past. My parents have been together over 40 years. I'm sure there were times one or both would have liked to throw in the towel, but, they didn't. They had a family and a commitment. Commitment - there is a word that seems to have changed meanings these days. I commit to you now - but, may change my mind later when I'm no longer having fun.

Anyhow, I'm interested in what the success rate will be in this challenge. I'm especially interested in what the durability rate is 6 months or even a year after the challenge comes to an end.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pets and people

According to this article people see their pets as an extension of themselves:
Human beings are famous for choosing pets that resemble themselves. Sometimes this resemblance can be seen in the physical sense and other times it’s revealed through behavior, which is to say that we are naturally attracted to people or animals that complement our own personalities...
The article goes on to explain the 6 different categories of dogs.

Well, my honey wants to get fish. I won't know until she gets them how she sees herself.

Possibly as a frog fish:

Yikes! As an angler?

Maybe a sad fish.

I just hope she makes me this.

25 days and counting..

April 3rd is the magic date!